Hello! I'm Sarah and I have been a Calgary wedding photographer since I started my business in 2009. I am passionate about timeless imagery and I use both film and digital cameras to achieve that simple, beautiful look. I love creating elegant portraiture using soft light and simple, relaxed direction.

I received my diploma in Creative Photography from Humber College in Toronto, Ontario and learned photography on a film camera. The Bronica 6x6 Sq-ai was my very first professional camera (for those film nerds out there!) and I truly believe that learning photography using film gave me a deeper understanding of the art of photography. I have a very solid foundation in photographing people and have been shooting for over 18 years.

Photographing a couple's wedding story is truly an honour, and having the ability and privilege to tell that story through my camera is something I never take for granted. When I look back on my own wedding, I am so grateful that we hired the best photographer we could to capture our day. I still love my wedding photos (13 years later!) and it is my sincere hope that my couples feel the same way about theirs.

When I'm not taking photos I am snowboarding with my kiddos, binge watching something on Netflix with my awesome husband, knitting or obsessing over interior design Instagram accounts.

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