kids in las vegas


To celebrate our 10 year anniversary Nick and I decided to take a family trip to Las Vegas. Nick had been there before, but I hadn't and I was met with a few shocked people when I told them we were taking our kids to the city of sin. But I mean, we weren't there to gamble and party. We went there because it's warm and there is so much to do. The only time we took them to the strip was to go to the M&M store and to see the Bellagio fountain. We walked through the malls a little bit, but other than that we spent most of our time elsewhere. And honestly, the trip was amazing. We all had the best time! Filled with so many memories, including a day trip to the Grand Canyon, a surprise vow renewal at the Little White Wedding Chapel (I was the one who was surprised), and Mother's Day in Red Rock Canyon after a delicious brunch that consisted of red velvet french toast and bottomless mimosas. We ate delicious food (mostly hamburgers) every day and enjoyed the warmth by the pool at our lovely, family-friendly condo (thanks Kosta and Gloria!). We are keeping most of the photos to our selves, but here are some tourist-y shots I took on my Mamiya 645. Enjoy!