wedding photographer


As someone who is always scouring the internet (mainly Pinterest) for photographer's packaging, I realize how hard it can be to find inspiration and ideas. I saw a lot of packaging from portrait photographers, but not a lot from wedding photographers. So I thought I would share my own packaging and where I bought all of the pieces.

I started with the box so that I had a guideline for how much to send to each couple. It all had to fit in this box so that it could easily go in the mail. Almost as soon as they were available I ordered the boxes from Design Aglow. It's a sturdy box that can be put together easily and holds everything that I need it too. It's hard to find a nice mailer box! Trust me.

The stamp I ordered from Simon's Stamps (online) and I couldn't be happier! It's the 3'x3' custom stamp. I purchased a large ink pad from Michael's craft store.

The black shred in the box is from a local company called Creative Packaging. But you can buy shred from any packaging store, like Luv2Pak.

The USB's (on the right) I have been ordering from WHCC for a few years now, so that was easy.

You can't really see them, but I include custom 5x7 archival gift prints from Artifact Uprising. I print 3-4 portraits of each couple as a small thank you. The chocolate bar is Mast Brothers that I purchased from Luke's Drug Mart and both are wrapped up in a silk ribbon handmade in France by a company called Frou Frou Chic.

And of course my logo was created by the super talented Art + Alexander.